Friday, April 4, 2008

Return to roots

My onsite is coming to an end. I have to go back to India by May 31.
Oru mudivula irunthu thaan pudhu arambam varum. :) (Yaenna onnu mudincha thaan innonnu arambikka mudiyum .. athan)
But suddenly my feet are getting stuck and I donot want to go back.
I'm getting afraid of cow dungs in streets, hot sun, karunanidhi, jayalalitha, team members,
salaray in rupee, traffic. I also am looking with 'echai' in 'naaku' at good veg biriyanis, fantastic restaurants, east coast road, seeniyoda thanni, ninaicha neram vacation, paathiram kaluva house maid, et al. India is the only place in the world where the day can be filled with a lot of diverse things. In the same day, u can talk sophisticatedly to ram down a technical point with great oratory in office and go straight to market and haggle with the poor veg seller for 2 rupees. Probably this is what makes indians more street smart. Ever since I have come to Canada, I donot hv any oppurtunity to practise these precious Indian skills. Carla idichavantaa sandai pottu kaasu vangurathu .. signal podaama poravanai ketta varthaila thittittu kaathu kizhiya horn adikkarathu .. There is no place else where u can enjoy more personal freedom by abusing public decency and freedom. At the same time, I'm also afraid of the things I mentioned.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I have got my license last week. This was my fourth test. Previous 3 times-um ennai sathi panni fail pannittaanga. I'm a very good driver actually. Took a car on rent
for 4 days and went around every part of town. Visited some famouse places like BAPS swaminarayan temple, IKEA, Walmart, Brar's, Thiruttu VCD Tamil store. In the video store, he charges 1.5$ for the DVD with out cover. With cover it is 2.5$. Another real life incident which shows content alone is not worth much without a proper cover. :)
In the process of going around, I got honked twice or thrice. Anyway, news ithu thaan. Toronto varravanga jaakirathaiya irunthukkonga. Double insurance premiums if Toronto is on your way.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Confusions Decisions ... Life!

I have decided to change my life to become more dynamic than static.

1. Daily yoga
2. Write PMP and exams like this continuously to keep a constant reading habit.
3. Express innermost feelings in blog land. PG-13 only.
4. Improve relationships.

By this december, if 2 of this happens regularly, I will mark it a resounding success.

I'm also thinking, if I should express opinion in politics, reservation, ram setu, rahim et al.
Let me know what is your opinion on this.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Filler instinct

Dudes .. u understood what it is! There cannot be a more easily understandable title to a s/w Engineer. I have been trying to do something ... anything .. pick up garbage near my seat; arrange papers on table; search for some work to do; but nothing worked out. I beautified a comment in a COBOL program, which itself looks like a novel, several times. I still could not help getting bored. I called a friend who is equally bored, twice. Being in the same timezone helps. He would have just had lunch. You too. A perfect dozing conversation over phone in which you might hear the other guy clinches the deal. I did this too. Still it left me wanting for more to fill my day. I wish I never get laid off. God knows, what will one do then!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Om blogaya namaha

Hello to you all,In true Indian tradition, I would like to start this blah-blah account by paying my respects to the god of the Blog. Intha medium-la namma oor vazhakkapadi elumichankai nasukki thengai udaikka mudiyala. Athukku pathila inga irukkara pazhaiya mouse-a udaichu en blog-a aarambikkiraen.I plan to talk about what comes in my mind whenever I'm succesful in finding mine. Otherwise I shall fill you with junk and leave you to generate knowledge from junk like generating power from waste. If you expect things like opinions about Bush, Reservation policies in India, the social and political structure of India, global warming, then you will be disappointed. This blog is going to be about the inner thoughts of a south Indian man dulled by 7 years of work in the software industry and who has no clue about what the next hour holds for him, leave alone next day or month or year. People always say that I'm a man with a hidden mission. Unfortunately that's not the case. I'm planning to have a commission to choose my mission soon. More of that later. Ok, enough of vettu-kothu.The main purpose of this blog is to break ground and put the first post here. There are some things which touched my heart this week apart from my vest. They are the stock market and the stock market. Machaan, I will tell you, they really make you bleed out there. I went in search of a rosy future and they gave me the finger. I'm really going to sue these bloody FIIs and the mutual fund managers who are really creepy. They pull the carpet from under your feet just when you step on it. Naan vaangum pothu vikkuraanunga. Naan vikkum pothu vaanguraanunga. Romba kazhzhaattam aaduraangaba! Anyways I'm not going to bore you further with the statistics of my inspiring losses but I'm just saying think before you direct ICICI to buy a small piece of any company this month.The long memorial weekend must have been great for people who had a plan and it should have sucked for those who did not. I did not! But I played tennis for a couple of hours on Sunday morning and again a couple of hours on sunday evening. Morning I defeated the guy I played, with a set score of 6-2. Evening he defeated me by 6-0 and 6-0. Dude that was so suckin. The reason is this. I squeezed in a four hour walmart showdown with my wife and I promise you Walmart is the biggest exercise physically and mentally for a South Indian Tamil Paiyyan who is married or has a girlfriend. We walked and talked and decided and vetoed all my decisions and decided and talked. De-moralising. Nowhere else my decision is worth less than this. This cycle happened for all the products in more or less all divisions of Walmart. It is EXHAUSTING!!!Last thing to be discussed here is this. With all this hype about how reserving a seat in the last row in the engineering/medical college can be more and more hazardous for people of some origin, I dreamt about this. I dreamt that there is reservation in train reservations and bus reservations also after 12 years, 2 kids and a big tummy. My wife is standing beside me and I'm begging an unknown TTE that I'm an NRI from canada and not to include my seats in the open quota and to put me in the NRI quota. He asked me lanja for 40 canadian dollars (some love for FOREX huh) and I gave him that and he let me go. While I did that, I was stared at by all the under-previleged upper clases who had to sit in a seperate compartment. That was absolutely crazy. But the way it goes, I will not be surprised. Reservation-ukke reservationaa?!!!I wish you all a happy anacin day/night now that you have come this far. Anyways, leave some comments with good words in it. Jai Hind! ;)

Sky diving

have wanted to sky dive ever since I came to Toronto. No, I donot believe toronto's sky is better than any other sky. Just that there are many people around me here who have dived from Toronto sky.Last week, I happened to talk to a colleague of mine who had done canoeing. I was interested again in that too. It's then I realised that the adventure bug has'stung' me really! I remember the first time ever I came nearer to such experiences. We went to MGM Dizzee world, a theme park in chennai when we were in my college first year. We were a bunch of wild first years. You know how engineering college first year students can be. Ready to dare anything after getting ragged like hell by seniors. That was a period when we wanted to beat the world. So we were there, ready to go into those rides. I went on the first ride and shit ... it was so scary for me. In the second ride, I went down from the world-daring first year student to the original me scared of getting dangled again from heights. But my friends were real daredevils and continued on all the things. I remember telling them that it is not the heights but a stomach upset, as if more g-force is going to react with idly and sambar making it rocket fuel. I tried to play as cool as possible. In the end, I really missed out on all the fun. After each ride those guys were coming out with sillier grins and hearty laughs and I could not imagine how that was possible. I always came out with the effect of having gone through a pregnancy.So here Iam, the scared guy ready to once again try out all these adventures. Near Toronto, we have whitewater rafting in a four hours drive. Sky diving is near niagara. Canoeing is also nearby. And there is a wonderland similar to disneyland where they are equally competent in scaring the shit out of guys like me with all those rides. I heard that there is bungee jumping and also rope-hanging seesaw where they hang you with a rope and pull sideways till your body is parellel to the ground and you can see all those people down from a birds eyeview. Then they let you go. Poor soul will be going around here and there for at least five minutes like the pendulum of the clock. They also videoshoot this wonderful experience and give it to you free it seems. I will never get that video even though it is free. Thinking about it again, I shall send it to Manoj night shyamalan, he can use those reactions in one of his movies.I'm first trying to learn to swim in preparation for the rafting. Other things need more practice in daring which I think I might have after 1 and a half years of marriage(It had been a very happy thing except for some nail-biting moments, when vessels were flying all over. No, I'm just kidding .. he he .. As u can guess, my wife may read this post. :)) ).This is my agenda for this summer and I hope things workout.